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A man is not only a product of his family or closest friends; nor of just the man himself, but he is a result of all the circumstances, landscapes and environments in which he lives and socializes in that builds him as an individual.

The As Salgueiras Foundation is our real design laboratory, the inspiration that moves us.


The  anonymous users who have a good time every day with the socialization, the health and the pride of using our playgrounds. 

We are one of the highest certified companies in the industry.


Our history

The origins of Galopín go back more than 30 years, in a small town in Northern Spain, where our first altruistic and self-managed community play space was built. Over the years we have observed its effects on children, families and the wider community and how it contributes to the wellbeing of the town and city.

Galopin found, through its observation of public-space use, that the quality of design directly impacts community well-being and social cohesiveness.

Galopin has now become the leading Spanish company in design and production of outdoor playground equipment. We are growing rapidly through continued international expansion as a result of having the most original products available in the industry.

The success of Galopin is not only down to the strong design and industry experience but also by building a team and partnering with others in the fields of landscape, architecture and education to name a few.


Functional Space

To encouraging play is synonymous with promoting health, which is why all our playground equipment brings dimension to a space by combining fun and exercise.

Space of value

A play area where citizens, neighbours or users can see reflected the pride of belonging to a collective space in which the same values are shared by everyone.

Space of integration

Our play areas allow children, teenagers, adults and seniors to let their imagination run wild and have fun. Simultaneously, and in accordance with pedagogical criteria, they are encouraged to share their spare time; people with disabilities are also welcome to play and share in the fun.

As Salgueiras

Laboratory of ideas

The As Salgueiras Foundation is a Spanish centre for medically-assisted therapies for children with disabilities and their families.
This Foundation, sponsored by Galopín, works with animals as part of the therapy.

It is our real design laboratory, the inspiration that defines us.

Contact with nature is essential for peoples’ health and their physical and psychological well-being. They need to have experiences which connect them to life’s origins, reinforcing the bond with the natural world.

This, together with Galopin’s knowledge of biodiversity and landscaping, allows us to partner local universities and social institutions and play a key part in the motivation and inspiration of designing new play elements.

Galopín Foundation

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Unique designs

The creation of dreams

Galopín is the intermediary between the philosopher and the craftsman, between the educator and the child, between the landscape architect and the engineer. Bringing these disciplines together is the key to our unique specialist knowledge in creating unique play equipment and spaces.

Sometimes our major supporters are institutions or recognized professionals who excel in various fields like art, health, socialization and architecture.




Town planners


The prestigious american blog Playscapes highlighted a number of playgrounds across the globe as the world most emblematic ones, awarding Oza Park in Corunna and its great swing Prometeo, as one among them.
MARCO is the Museum of Contemporary Art in the city of Vigo. This museum presented our piece Prometeo as a creative work undertaken for the benefit of its users and the cultural pride of the citizens.
A-Cero, the famed spanish architectural team of Joaquin Torres, has been working closely with Galopin to perform some of their prestigious jobs in the landscaping corner.

Quality and Security

Our certifications


The Design and R & D departments focus their efforts on the creation of safe spaces; and this is why that, at present, in Galopín Playgrounds S.L. we have a catalog with around 900 certified references. All our products comply with the European certification EN-1176: 2017 of Equipment for playground and surfaces; EN-16630: 2015 of Fixed physical training equipment installed outdoors; EN-15312: 2010, of Free access multi-sports equipment; EN-14974: 2010 of Facilities for users of sports equipment on wheels and PPP-55021A for Dog circuits; issued all of them by the TÜV Product Service.

Galopín Playgrounds S.L., is a company that allocates a high amount of resources, not only economic but also human, to keep up at the top of the sector as one of the most certified companies, in an environment of continuous improvement as evidenced by ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems, OHSAS 18001: 2007 Safety and Health at Work Systems, and UNE 160002: 2014 R & D & I Management Systems certifications.


Quality politics

GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS, S.L., a designer, manufacturer and installer of games and playgrounds, healthy games and accessories, has decided to design and implement an Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 Standards (Quality), UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment), OSHAS 18001: 2007 (Occupational Safety and Health) and UNE 166002: 2014 (R & D + i), committing to:

  • Create a structured organization, in which the actions, functions and responsibilities are perfectly defined, documented and communicated.
  • Assign the necessary human and financial resources for the correct development of the processes.
  • Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements in environmental matters and Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Optimize the consumption of natural resources and raw materials necessary for processes.
  • Adopt the necessary measures for the protection of the environment, to avoid or minimize the environmental impacts as well as to prevent the damages and deterioration of the health that their actions may generate.
  • Periodically review the Integrated Management System, in the framework of the commitment to search for continuous improvement, establish objectives and goals aimed at achieving an increase in customer satisfaction, prevention of environmental pollution and prevention in the field of safety and security. Occupational Health derived from the development of activities.
  • Promote the formation and motivation of work groups.
  • Be permanently alert to technological innovations that occur in their environment.
  • Disseminate these commitments to all levels of the organization, customers, suppliers and the general public.

Our degree of commitment and product quality is reflected in the following guarantees:

  • 15 year warranty on failures due to defects in production or decomposition of HDPE and HPL panels. These panels have maximum stability to ultraviolet radiation, although with the passage of time they could colorize their color slightly.
  • 15-year warranty on galvanized posts and parts, lacquered and anodized aluminum, and stainless steel (*).
  • Guarantee of 15 years of supply of all the spare parts of the games from the date of sale.
  • 10-year guarantee against rotting in wood, structural or manufacturing failures.
  • 5-year warranty on breakage of springs, lacquering of galvanized metal posts, lacquered plywood panels, screws and molded plastic parts (except mobile or mechanical systems)
  • 5 year warranty on climbing ropes and against any manufacturing or structural defect.
  • 2 year warranty for the rest of the equipment components.

The warranty coverage of the damaged parts will be applicable if the installation and maintenance has been carried out according to the instructions and instructions provided by the company Galopín Playgrounds, SL.

The warranty does not cover habitual wear and tear; nor the damages caused by vandalism and improper use of equipment.

The warranty is voided in case of modification, intervention or replacement by non-original parts.

(*) The elements installed in coastal areas, less than 300 m from the shore, will be covered by the guarantee for a maximum period of 5 years.

General conditions of sale

These general conditions of sale (hereinafter GCS) apply to all sales of goods and services made by GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS SL (hereinafter GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS) and regulate the sales contracts of the products or part of them, prevailing over any written proposal or any negotiations maintained between GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS and the customer prior to the acceptance of the order.

These GCS expressly exclude the applicability to the commercial transactions mentioned above, of any other general conditions in all its content. GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS reserves the right to update these GCS.

The dimensions, weights, technical characteristics, performance plans and any other data included in our catalog are purely indicative and may be modified without prior notice by GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS.

The order will be considered binding at all times for the client from the moment in which GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS receives its written confirmation by means of the duly completed submission of its acceptance stating the order number, amount, form of payment, stamp of the company and authorized signature. Any modification or reform in the initial order by the client will require the written confirmation of GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS modifying, if necessary, the period of execution of the order.

CANCELLATION: No order can be canceled by the client once formalized without the consent of GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS, who may demand compliance with the contract or an indemnity of 15% of the total amount to which the order is valid.

1.-PRICES: The sale prices of the products will be agreed between the customer and GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS, depending on the offer and modifications made.

Any taxes on the sale of the products shall be borne by the customer.

2.-DELIVERY OF THE MERCHANDISE: The delivery and delivery times will be counted from the acceptance of the order. The products requested will be considered delivered to the customer, when they leave the factory of GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS, either by the customer's own means of transport or those of the carrier to which the shipment is entrusted / or according to the INCOTERMS terms in force. agreed with the client.

When the merchandise can not be sent to its destination for causes attributable to the customer, it will be considered as supplied, with the corresponding invoice being extended for payment purposes, leaving the merchandise deposited at the customer's disposal in its own facilities. GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS reserves the right to pass on to the customer the storage costs or damages that may result from keeping it in its stores.

3.-CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT: The payment conditions will be stipulated in the orders or confirmations of the same. If for any reason the customer extended the payment date initially agreed, GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS may charge interest for late payment from the initial date until the extended date, calculated average interest rate applied by the BCE plus two points.

GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS will retain the domain of the products object of the sale until the full payment by the customer of the sums owed. In the meantime, the customer will not be able to dispose of the products, without written authorization from GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS.

In case of delay in payment, GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS reserves the right to recover the products subject to supply without the need for a court order. The terms of sale on credit agreed upon, if applicable, are conditioned to the granting of credit insurance coverage by the insurance company with which GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS covers such risks.

4.-INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: The client may not use or disseminate images of the products and designs of GALOPÍN PLAYGROUNDS, in any format or medium, physical or digital, without including explicit and visible mention of the authorship of said designs or the intellectual property of the same or the images by GALOPÍN PLAYGROUNDS.

Failure to comply with this obligation will entail a fundamental breach of the obligations assumed by the client under this contract, which will justify, where appropriate, at the discretion of GALOPÍN PLAYGROUNDS, the termination of the contract and / or the exercise of legal actions available to the claim of the damages and losses caused.

5.-PRODUCTS: The supplies will be made in accordance with the offers and budgets accepted by the buyer, according to the quality and conditions required by the customer.

6.-WARRANTY: The products sold are covered by a warranty against defects in materials or manufacturing, the terms of which can be examined at:

GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS will not be responsible in any case for direct or indirect damages that may be suffered by the products due to defective installation, bad storage, lack of maintenance or negligent handling.

7.-JURISDICTION: This contract will be subject to Spanish Law. For all disputes arising from this contract will be settled before the Courts and Tribunals of A Coruña (Spain).

Environmental performance

GALOPIN PLAYGROUNDS S.L., Company dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of games for playgrounds, healthy games and accessories for playgrounds, has implemented an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 which takes into account the cycle of life of the services it provides.

This implies that:

  • Inputs and outputs are considered in all environmental processes.
  • The aspects and environmental impacts that occur in our activity are evaluated periodically.
  • There is a system to update environmental legal requirements and ensure compliance.
  • Through the established environmental operational control, legal compliance is maintained and impacts and environmental aspects are kept within an acceptable order of magnitude.
  • If any kind of environmental accident occurs, the environmental emergency protocols will be implemented.
  • Audits are planned and conducted to ensure compliance with system requirements. GALOPÍN PLAYGROUNDS has information on environmental performance available to interested parties who request them. To request it, you must send an e-mail to, indicating environmental data that are requested and the reason for which they are requested. In the shortest time possible GALOPÍN PLAYGROUNDS will respond to requests.
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